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Walk for Autism is back! 💚

Autism is a lifelong condition, so it's really important for us to help raise funds every year. I will be walking 80,000 steps over 8 days again to promote autism acceptance for our daughter and help raise money for Autism Initiatives.

Over the past year, Roselle has received help from a private speech and language therapist due to being non-verbal at 2 years old. This meant she was finally diagnosed as a gestalt language processor (this is where the child learns chunks of speech and has to break it down to understand individual words, as opposed to building up sentences from single words). She has since managed to count to 5 and sing Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star (this is with a meaning of 'star' as she's yet to break it down).

Her health visitor has kept in touch frequently and kindly provided us with an emergency appointment, after finding out Roselle was self-injurous (Roselle is sensory seeking and very easily overwhelmed, so was purposely banging her head on hard surfaces and biting others). The health visitor provided us with information so we could learn about this in our own time. We are currently able to help Roselle regulate herself by throwing her repeatedly on the sofa (this need changes regularly), and she has 'Teddy' that she takes everywhere to bite on when she's feeling overwhelmed.

We've had our first meeting with SEN, who provided her nursery with a grant of £800. This meant she could have a smaller ratio of children to teacher, and also allowed them to buy some sensory toys to help keep her regulated there. She has since transitioned into the next class and made her first friend, after attending for 14 months.

We've been so lucky to receive all this help for her, but a lot more will be needed. We are currently waiting for a formal autism diagnosis (Roselle's 7 months into an expected 2 year waiting list) and an approval for DLA funding (a monthly payment that helps towards the things we already pay for, such as swimming lessons, social meets, sensory toys etc.). We will also have to apply for an EHCP (funding for additional needs at school) soon.

Not everybody receives all this help (or knows where to find it), so I'd love to be able to help other people with autism (and their caregivers) reach their potential 💚

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Go for it! Hope not too much rain!


Beki Tidswell


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Good luck with getting your steps in for this very worthy cause.


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Supporting Roselle x x


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Well done easy for most people but I know much harder for you you've worked really hard to achieve it and the girls have helped as well


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Well done


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