Darren Hodkinson

Total 100,800 steps

My goal 80000 steps

Day 8

Finally, got to the last day. I was determined to carry on with the target of an extra 10,000 steps a day even though I'd completed an extra 80,000 by day seven. Motivation was difficult but when Pam said she'd come along there was no stopping us. Brilliant to meet up with Phil, Cecilia and Cara the dog for part of the way. 
Finally finished at The Queens Old Glossop for a celebratory pint and biscuits for the dogs. 
Really pleased that I completed just over 100,000 additional steps for the 8 days and in total did just short of 150,000!
My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported me through this year's challenge. Sponsors, well wishers and those who have joined me on the walks. 
Thanks everyone it's been a blast. 

Day 7

Another rainy day in The Peak District. Lovely to be joined by Pam, Viv and Richard on this penultimate walk. A nice little Rowarth circular with a cheeky pint at The Little Mill Inn to keep us motivated. 
One to go. 

Day 6

Glossop circular today. Started with my best pal Joshua then continued on with Bella the dog for 12km. Stopped for 2 minutes on Shire Hill- fabulous to hear all the bird song. My app identified 7 different species inside a minute. I've put a screenshot in the gallery. 
Only two walks to go. 

Day 5

What a glorious spring day here in The Peak District. Perfect for a walk around Longdendale reservoirs. Not too much ascent which was spot on for day 5. Our challenge is to do an extra 10,000 steps each day. Took a look at my week to date total steps. Wow, it's no wonder I'm feeling fitter than ever. Photos and route on my page
3 days to go, nearly there

Day 4

Amazing day four as we were joined by Lynne and Pam on our walk today. More leisurely pace up Dr's Gate to the footbridge. Amazing Barista coffee provided by Phil before a jaunt back down for a quick pint at Distant Hills Tap. Over half way now and still slightly ahead on steps. 

Day 3

A wet and windy Peak District tonight but joyful just the same. Far less wildlife around tonight, they had the sense to stay out of the rain. 
Lots of horses and sheep in the fields and the rain stopped long enough for us to get a reasonable view of Kinder Scout. 
Amazing to be ahead of target after a very busy week. The weekend should see us out on the moors keeping the daily total ticking over. 

Day 2

Quick local walk today, good job we got ahead on steps yesterday. Lovely to see nesting wrens and a hare on our travels. The Peak District never disappoints. Another quick walk Thursday, can't wait for the long weekend where we can finally get some good moorland walking underway. 

Day 1

First 8600 steps before football this evening. What a start to our WFA. Up on to Cown Edge then along Combs Rocks to Robin Hoods Picking Rods. Further along to the windy side of the ridge for a quick jaunt back to the car. Curlew and Meadow Pippit along the whole of the route and so lovely to see the first of the  Peak District lambs out in the fields. 

Ready to Go

All the preparation is done. I'm expecting a slower start this year due to a few other commitments. I'm hoping to be back on track by Friday. 

I'm walking for......Joshua and Adam

I’m raising funds for autism! Please sponsor me today! I’m taking part in the Walk for Autism challenge. I’ll be walking 10,000 steps a day from 26 March to 2 April. Please sponsor me. Anything helps . Walk for Autism is a fundraising challenge run by Autism Initiatives Group. Autism Initiatives Group is working towards a world where every person on the autism spectrum has the support they need to thrive, every opportunity to fulfil their potential and a supportive, inclusive community to live in.

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Take a brolly, no need to get wet


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You are amazing Darren ❤️x


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A gift from the island :)


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Great cause, hope you enjoy the challenge x


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You're doing great Darren. Well done!


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All the best Darren! Fantastic effort for a noble cause.



Good luck from Sarah and myself


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Keep at it cuz!!! So proud of you xxx


Darren Hodkinson


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Good luck, mate



Great work, Darren!


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