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We first noticed signs of Autism in Darcie at a very young age. She wasn’t interacting the way that most people would say “typical” children would. She would avoid eye contact and often get frustrated being held or touched. She liked her own space and didn’t want anybody in it and if there was she would get very frustrated. She was always very particular about foods and would point blank refuse to eat it if she didn’t like it and most of the time wouldn’t even try it just by looking/smelling it. However, she would happily eat wood/plastic (anything inedible) also now known as Pica. She would use particular hand movements or sounds as a way to regulate herself which now I am aware is known as stimming. As she got older there was no interest in toys but a clear interest in things like spoons, pencils or figures that she liked to hold in each hand. She liked things a certain way and if the order is changed she would correct it. She also wasn’t saying any words at all barely even any murmurs no matter how much we tried to encourage it. Our little doodles still does all of those things to this day but we wouldn’t change her for the world. She is unique, she is beautiful and she never fails to amaze us with her alternative ways of communicating with us as a non verbal 2 year old. She lives life her way, completely care free and does exactly what she wants when she wants (under close supervision) as she should. We as parents are here to support her and give her the best and happiest life possible. Every single child with Autism is different and not everybody understands it, so I am doing my part in raising awareness and fundraising for something that is so close to mine and my families heart and for those children/adults that deserve understanding and support every step of the way.

I'm walking for......My Daughter 🥰

I’m raising funds for autism! Please sponsor me today! I’m taking part in the Walk for Autism challenge. I’ll be walking 10,000 steps a day from 26 March to 2 April. Please sponsor me. Anything helps . Walk for Autism is a fundraising challenge run by Autism Initiatives Group. Autism Initiatives Group is working towards a world where every person on the autism spectrum has the support they need to thrive, every opportunity to fulfil their potential and a supportive, inclusive community to live in.

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