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Total 93,015 steps

My goal 80000 steps

Day 8 the last day!

What a day we have had we decied to do our final walk up and down the river feeding the ducks and swans the kids loved splashing in puddles running around picking flowers we had a little stop at a bench half way round and had a few little drinks and snacks, then carried on with our steps! Towards the end of the walk it started to rain but that didn't bother us one bit! Because we have fun! What a brilliant 8 days me and my little team have had! I'm so happy I've supported this cause this year and I will definitely be supporting next year! I'm glad I'm manged to help spread awareness and hopefully make a difference 

Day 3

Abit different today! It was my youngest daughters birthday today so we went to the zoo! Definitely got my steps in today a massive 12,910 steps I did today! The weather was miserable again but again we had loads of fun as a family! Ready for tomorrows 10k steps now! 

Day 1

Day one and we smashed our walk, even got the children involved it absolutely smashed it down with rain but we carried on till we reached out target of steps proud of my little team!
10,000 steps done and dusted! 😎🎉

I'm walking for...... My Daughter Denny

I’m raising funds for autism! Please sponsor me today! I’m taking part in the Walk for Autism challenge. I’ll be walking 10,000 steps a day from 26 March to 2 April. Walk for Autism is a fundraising challenge run by Autism Initiatives Group. Please sponsor me.
I'm walking for my daughter denny who faces challenges on a daily basis but that doesn't stop her being a funny, bright light with a infectious smile who makes everyone smile in the room. Each challenge she takes on every milestone she reaches is a extraordinary achievement and she makes me so proud!! Every single day. 
She has taught me so many things and gave me much more patiences and understanding, as we both navigate our way through the world of autism. 
My family have witnessed first hand the importance of providing the support and resources necessary for kids with autism to thrive. 
I advocating for autism awareness and support, I hope to create a brighter future not only for my daughter but for others who deserve a world of being included and accepted. 
Autism Initiatives Group is working towards a world where every person on the autism spectrum has the support they need to thrive, every opportunity to fulfil their potential and a supportive, inclusive community to live in. 
Together, let's make a difference, one step at a time.

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Grahame Nolton

You go Jodie you child is worth it and you will make a difference. So proud of you xxx


Taylor Swift

Love you for doing this for your child Respect xxx


Gillian Ritchie

I wish you the best of luck, hope you reach your target 😁


Kerry Munden

Kerry Munden


Steve Jones

Good luck,


Melvin Munden

Good luck to you


Melvin Munden

Good luck to you


Teesh Reid


Helen Richards

Great cause, Good Luck!


Laura Tongue

Good luck Jodie! You got this!





Well done for raising so much



Such a meaningful cause! You got this Jode! X


Rhem Dee

Keep up the good work love what your doing


Jodie Munden


Bethany Gray



Proud of you❤️