We need your support to help change lives

The money raised through Cycle for Autism helps Autism Initiatives Group deliver a range of services throughout the UK and Ireland:

  • Homes offering supported living
  • Residential Homes
  • Community Resource Centres
  • Free-to-access One Stop Shops
  • Social Enterprises offering work placements
  • Schools
  • Short Break services
  • Further Education college

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Funds raised by our incredible fundraisers enable us to react quickly. For example even during the pandemic:

  • Our One Stop Shops in Inverness, Edinburgh and Perth that support people across Scotland moved their timetable of free activities online. The demand for 1:1 support increased and social groups went virtual.  We suppled IT to help with this transition with staff helping the people we support to install the necessary technology needed
  • Some supported living accommodation properties in England were given laptops and iPads so residents could keep in touch with their families and friends.  
  • In Northern Ireland we provided some of the non-verbal people we support with new means of communication plus sensory items and garden activities to help ease the transition to new home-based routines

Cycle for Autism supports projects run by Autism Initiatives Group a registered charity in England and Wales (1170634) and Ireland (CHY17628). Autism Initiatives (UK) is a registered charity in Scotland (SC040905), England & Wales (702632), Isle of Man (835) and Northern Ireland (NIC104641).

Your support is helping us

  • Understand the sensory needs of autistic children
  • Support autistic young people make friends and overcome loneliness
  • Help autistic adults develop life skills
  • Provide families with the support that they need

The funds from Cycle for Autism will support projects in the UK and in Ireland.

"We support autistic people of all ages in England in a number of settings working together to improve their quality of life. Recent fundraising income has enabled an increased use of technology to maintain contact with family and friends during these challenging times and the redevelopment of a centre providing safe places for people to build confidence working in small groups, and gain independence learning valuable skills for life. We were thrilled with the number of people who fundraised last year and are looking forward to another successful event!"
Kate Silver - National Director for Autism Initiatives England
“Our One Stop Shops, covering Edinburgh, West Lothian, Midlothian, East Lothian, Scottish Borders,  Perth and Highland offer free services to almost 4,000 autistic adults.  The widest range of support and advice is offered, including assistance with housing issues, benefits and mental health. We also promote peer-to-peer support and offer opportunities to connect with other autistic people.  Money raised from fundraisers has been extremely valuable in Scotland and helped us to continue providing these essential services.  This was especially needed during COVID-19, when we have had to change the way we deliver many of our activities – from face-to-face to online platforms”. 
Catherine Steedman - National Director for Autism Initiatives Scotland
“Our services in South Wales support hundreds of autistic adults in a range of ways including supported living and community outreach, plus help to gain or retain employment, student support, and specialist benefits advice.  We work with people in their communities to be independent and empowered, ensuring that each individual has choice and control over their own service and lives.  Any money raised will help us to continue providing these vital services in Wales as well as to undertake new projects. I encourage as many of you as possible to sign up, show your support and help us to change lives one cycle ride at a time. Diolch Yn Fawr”
Gareth Morgan - Autism Spectrum Connections Cymru 
“We have a long and proud history of supporting autistic people in NI and fundraised money always plays an important role in enabling us to consistently deliver over and above what is needed for people we help and their families. I am confident we can continue to show our support and resilience during these challenging times. Thanks for your support.”
Eamonn Slevin - National Director for Autism Initiatives Northern Ireland 
“There is an exciting range of projects we are planning to launch in Ireland. Funds raised will help us to support people with autism in this region, particularly as a result of the current pandemic, connecting them in a world that can be lonely or fragmented. Please look out for our posts, like, share and get involved. Thank you.”
Ted Bourke – Operational Director, ASDI (Ireland)